Friday Fun With Icy Queen Dana Perino!

no comment on thisSo you know how the CIA destroyed tapes of [fun and happy!] interrogations of al Qaeda operatives in 2005? Well some Demrats like Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin having already called for Michael Mukasey to lead an investigation, which will obviously never happen. There's a war going on, people! Anyway, the would-be scandal's served White House Press Secretary Dana Perino another heaping pile of shit to eat in an already dense week, and she was the antithesis of informative today. The count for her most commonly used phrases today was: "I don't know" -- seven times; "decline to comment/not commenting" -- 10 times; and "still gathering facts/gather the facts" -- 11 times. So this little deletey situation should get cleared up right quick. [White House, NYT]


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