Friday News Dump Fun!

Fun in the Sun - WonketteThere are Friday News Dumps, and then there are Friday News Dumps Before Labor Day Weekend.

The Pentagon might not be so good at military victory, but give it props for mastering Clinton-esque PR! The following happy report just limped across the wires:

Death squads and terrorists have ramped up attacks on civilians in Iraq, killing more than 1,600 people in cold-blooded "execution-style" slayings in July alone, a Pentagon report said Friday.

Increasing violence is affecting "all other measures of stability, reconstruction and transition," according to the report, which examined the situation in June, July and August.

We hope nobody tells Rumsfeld about this, or he's going to personally show up at the Pentagon and spend the next three days looking for someone to murder with his bare hands to hit with some snappy "you're a Nazi appeaser" rhetoric.

Pentagon: Cold-blooded carnage soaring in Iraq [CNN]

Pentagon gives gloomy Iraq report [Associated Press]


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