Frist Pounds the Pavement

Senator Frist ShhhhEmails that open with "This is a great story" usually get routed directly to "trash," but we'll forgive this novice flack his error because we like stories that involve $295 pairs of shoes. (Pelosi's came from Payless or something, right?.) According to the flack, Senator Bill Frist's loafer-looking at Allen-Edmonds was interrupted by a group of anti-Social Security reform protesters. Lucky (or unlucky) coincidence? Not really: The store is "right below the offices of Americans United to Protect Social Security at 1025 Connecticut." Apparently, it was all very cordial (if a little prissy) except for the asshole who parked his SUV in front of the store, blocking traffic and earning one of D.C.'s exorbitant parking tickets. At least Frist will be giving something back to the District.

If he's going to run for president, he really needs better advance folks. Also some better shoes.

Full story and pix after the jump.


Subject: Bill Frist picked the wrong neighborhood to shop (and gets a parking ticket)

Date: May 13, 2005 6:07:44 PM EDT

Bill Frist picked the wrong neighborhood to shop for shoes – right below the offices of Americans United to Protect Social Security at 1025 Connecticut.   


As he bought two pairs of shoes from Allen-Edmonds totaling $530 – one was $235 and the other was $295, I guess it costs $530 for shoe to trample the constitution. Bbetween 40-50 people  demonstrated against Frist's support for President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security and slash benefits for middle-class families, most of whom don't drop $540 for shoes. For 40 minutes as Frist tried on shoes, people from Americans United To Protect Social Security and dozens of walkers-by chanted "Senator Frist Don't Privatize" and "Hands Off My Social Security."


Frist walked out of the store and right into a rally protesting his support for privatizing Social Security. He spoke to people for a while – said he supports the president's plan, and admitted that it would do nothing for solvency. He was confronted by an African-American disabled veteran who would have his benefits cut and had been walking by on the street.  Frist told him to call his office.  It was a cordial exchange for the most part – and people chanted as Frist left.


One other interesting tid-bit for the high-spending Senator, his SUV was illegally parked and blocking traffic, earning him a parking ticket! ,


Photo's attached.

Senator Frist Confronted 2

Senator Frist Shhhh-1

Senator Frist Ticket Giving

Senator Frist Ticket

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