Frist To Terrorists: 'I Surrender!'

I go crazy, I like, why not? - WonketteMaybe the October Surprise is "Everybody Goes Crazy," because that's the only rational explanation for Bill Frist's sudden desire to "cut and run" from Afghanistan.

On a visit to bum out American troops, Frist admitted that the United States cannot win the war militarily. The obvious solution, says Dr. Bill, is to give the wrecked country back to the "people who call themselves Taliban" and then run away crying like a little French girl.

A few hours later, Frist's crazy pills wore off and he was back to the GOP script. "First of all, let me make something clear: The Taliban is a murderous band of terrorists," etc., terror terror. But he actually stands by his original point: His government lost the war in Afghanistan to some goat herders, and now we need to make nice with the goat herders so we go home and cry like a little French girl.

Report: Frist says Afghan war can't be won militarily [Christian Science Monitor]

Frist Says Afghan War Can't Be Won [AP]


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