From the Fires of the Homeless, From the Ashes of the Gays

* "As she settled into the cushion, he turned around with his cell in his hand, positioning it just so." [007 in Africa]

* Really, what is the deal with the creeps rubbing their crotches on the gals who brave the Metro? [Don't Be Silent]

* "One of the panelists was foolish enough to give the interns Play-Doh and pipe cleaners." [Something Seismic]

* There are 17.5 million vacant homes in America. [Housing Bubble Bust]

* There are 33,671 homes for sale in DC, up 11.2% since last week. Asking prices are down 1.1% from last week, too. [Housing Tracker]

* "I was so excited to read this Q&A I came across on Project Beltway. Elizabeth Baker Keffer exemplifies Washington chic at its best and her answers are witty and insightful." [DC Pleats]


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