Frynds With Benefits


* Rowdy Frynds Tour featuring Hank Williams Jr. And Lynyrd Skynyrd at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore. $23- $67 at 6:45PM. [ticketmaster]

* Short films from Hungary, France, Germany, Romania and the Netherlands at the Wisconsin Avenue Cinemas. Part of FilmfestDC. $9 at 9:30PM. [FilmfestDC]


* Georgetown Spring Music Festival with the Wrens & Murder Mystery at 36th & N St NW. $13 for a dual ticket (include Sunday night's Sondre Lerche show), 7:30PM. [Georgetown Radio]

* FilmfestDC stuff all day, from 10:30AM - 9:30PM at the Wisconsin Ave Cinemas. [FilmfestDC]

* Final days of "Two Hundred Years of Black Paper Dolls" at the Anacostia Community Museum, " Arabella Grayson's collection of black paper dolls, some nearly 200 years old, includes a Topsy cutout made in 1863 to promote the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin." [WP]


* Deerhunter at the Rock & Roll Hotel with The Apes and Pterodactl, $12 at 8PM. [R&R Hotel]

* bossman Brooks Jackson and Annenberg director Kathleen Hall Jamieson co-wrote a guide to " the tricks of the disinformation trade. With information coming in much more rapidly than most of us can process it, this volume promises to help spot bunk and separate the baloney from the real meat." They discuss Unspun at Politcs & Prose at 1PM. [P&P]


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