Fucked Region Wants Cheney to Know How It Feels

Now we see why he wanted to stay so long in Wyoming: Dick Cheney gets what's known as the Leahy treatment, when on a tour of the hurricane-devastated Gulfport, Mississippi, a protestor repeatedly yelled "Go fuck yourself!" When a reporter asked if whether Cheney was "getting a lot of that," Cheney started to reply, "Must be a friend of John. . . " and then broke off with a curt "Never mind." People of course are speculating that the vice president was going to finish the sentence with "Kerry." But that's just unfair: The administration has made it plain that it will not stand for the politicization of this national tragedy. Our theory is that he recognized the heckler as an old friend of John Bolton--especially since, if you view the footage closely, the man is plainly preparing to hurl a stapler.

Cheney: Go F--k Yourself [Crooks and Liars]


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