FuckSelfGate: Not Time to Light the Cigarette Yet

Jaffe does a tick-tock on the Dick-fuck, saying it's all Len Downie's doing. [Washingtonian]

"Go fuck yourself" as a liberal conspiracy. (And you thought the Roe decision backfired. . .) [Romenesko Letters]

We'd like to know where Fox's John Gibson takes his yoga classes: "Cheney . . . probably told Sen. Pat Leahy . . . to do something to himself that we all know is most cases physically impossible." (Emphasis added.) [Fox News]

Also curious about what sort of barnyards the folks at the Washington Times have been hanging out in: "According to the aide, Mr. Cheney then responded with a barnyard epithet." Perhaps they're near Gibson's yoga studio? [WT]

Daniel Radosh points to the FCC's own ruling on "fuck": "Its use invariably invokes a coarse sexual image." So, clearly, when we hear Dick Cheney utter his "barnyard epithet" or whatever, "we immediately pictured Leahy actually penetrating himself with his own penis." We're not really getting that image ourselves, but please, describe it for us if you do! [Radosh.net]


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