Fun In the Sky

Experts say he pretty much looked like this guy ... - WonketteUnited Flight 890 from Los Angeles landed as scheduled at Dulles last night.

Also, a crazed Special Forces super-soldier of some kind -- who was dressed in camouflage, and spoke only Portuguese -- tried to leave the plane about two hours before landing. Through the emergency exit. But he was attacked and beaten down by passengers.

Only then did the Air Marshals on board the plane amble over and put the plastic cuffs on the madman.

United officials made it very clear that the pilots did not make an emergency landing. Everything went according to plan ... if the plan is called Inexplicable. If you were on the flight, do please leave a comment.

Passenger Disrupts Cross-Country Flight [AP]

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Man Seized On Flight To Dulles [Washington Post]


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