Fun with Corrections: Richard Nixon and Raw Beef

Today's Washington Post has some amusing corrections. Here are our two favorites:

A Feb. 14 article about a study on happiness incorrectly said that a presidential impeachment occurred in the mid-1970s. President Richard M. Nixon resigned in 1974, after the House Judiciary Committee had approved articles of impeachment but before the full House could vote on the matter.

A pretty bad blooper, eh? But not as bad as this one:

A recipe in the Feb. 8 Food section included an incorrect cooking time for an adaptation of chef Roberto Donna's recipe for carbonada (braised beef with onions and red wine). The dish should be cooked for 2 1/2 hours, not 10 to 20 minutes.

Historical ignorance is embarrassing -- but at least it won't KILL YOU...

(A note to the beef industry: That last line was for rhetorical effect. We realize that the odds of catching listeria and dying after eating undercooked beef are very low. Heck, we even enjoy steak tartare every now and then. So please don't sue us! We don't have the legal defense fund that Oprah does.)



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