Fun with Corrections: The "Bad, But Not That Bad" Edition

Here are the highlights from this morning's corrections page in the Washington Post:

Because of a typographical error, a March 6 article on sex trafficking misstated the age of a person Jaron R. Brice was accused of drawing into prostitution. Brice was acquitted of federal charges that he coerced a 19-year-old woman, not a 9-year-old.

Whew -- that's a relief! While it's still bad to draw a 19-year-old into prostitution, it's not nearly as bad as forcing a third-grader to ply her trade on the playground.

A March 5 article about problems with MetroAccess service did not make it clear that Scott McDaniel, a MetroAccess rider, is an employee of Service Sources Inc., which operates the Woodmont Center in Arlington County. The article also misstated the nature of his disabilities. McDaniel is legally blind, and although he has other disabilities, he and his parents say he is not mentally disabled.

We'd like to help poor Mr. McDaniel overcome the misimpression left in the minds of hundreds of thousands of Post readers. So listen up, people: Scott McDaniel is not retarded!!!



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