Fun with Elected Representatives

John Hargrave -- posing as a 10 year-old boy -- has collected the favorite jokes of about two dozen U.S. senators, dubbing it "The Senator Prank." Call us picky: As pranks go, it's not exactly putting a cow on the Capitol dome. . . the posing as a young boy is the only prank element. But he did get results. There's a poll to select the funniest and unfunniest senators, though the competition is, well, hmmm. . . I guess you could say it's stiff, as in this submission from Idaho's Larry Craig: "Why did the farmer plow the field with a steamroller? Because he planned to grow mashed potatoes!"

On the bright side, while you don't learn many new jokes from senators, you do learn a lot:

Senator Hollings' claim that "'I equally appreciate most jokes I've heard or told' has some logical flaws. . . this implies that all jokes are created equal, which is something only a robot would say. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that Senator Hollings is a robot."

Tom Daschle belongs to a beef-jerky-of-the-month club.

Though Sen. Rick Santorum "enjoys laughing. . . he doesn't know any jokes. What does he laugh at, then? . . . maybe he enjoys laughing maniacally, drunk on the heady perfume of power."

The Senator Prank [ZUG]


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