Fun with Federal Government Websites

We have previously expressed our admiration for federal government websites -- and the hits keep on coming. One reader informs us:

Here's a link to the OMB site listing all government programs that supposedly don't work. Try the bottom query: "Show me the programs by TOPIC." Of course, it doesn't work. Maybe OMB should list their web team...

Another reader reports:

Sadly, the FEMA website for kids has downgraded the wonderful crying-kid-running-from-a-tsunami graphic. However, it still exists at the bottom left of this page ("About the FEMA director") and seems to imply that the FEMA director is a stick-figure of a brown-skinned kid, running screaming from a tsunami:

FEMA website.JPG

To the FEMA webpage designer: You're doing a heck of a job! [White House]

About the Agency [FEMA]

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