Fun With the Military-Industrial Complex!

gdbook01.jpgYep, it's pretty much as totally awesome as you'd expect. Join us on this magical journey through the world of imagination and multibillion-dollar boondoggles, after the jump."Hi, I'm Sammy the Patriotic Eagle! If you're a member of congress, I'd like to invite you to eat me rotisserie-style, with a nice French wine maybe, at the Hill restaurant of your choice -- compliments of General Dynamics!"

gdbook03.jpgEarly drafts of the book featured a character with the same name, but more obviously modeled on Katherine Harris.

gdbook04.jpgSame joke as above, sub "Patrick Kennedy."



gdbook07.jpgAt this point they ran out of cute nicknames, patience.


gdbook09.jpgOur sentiments exactly, General Dynamics.


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