Funny Stories Of Bad Dates With Jimmy Fallon! Tabs, Mon., June 27, 2022

Funny Stories Of Bad Dates With Jimmy Fallon! Tabs, Mon., June 27, 2022

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It's a special howl in the wind all-Roe and SCOTUS tabs. Aren't you just the thrilledest?

How they're criminalizing pregnancy — yes, even in progressive states, yes even by progressive prosecutors. Here's just one paragraph from a cascade of WTF paragraphs:

In Wisconsin, state law already allows juvenile courts to take a fetus—meaning a pregnant woman—into custody for the fetus’s protection, resulting in the detention and forced treatment of more than four hundred pregnant women every year on the suspicion that they may be consuming controlled substances.

Absolute must-read from Jia Tolentino. — New Yorker

Cops teargassed abortion-rights protesters outside the Arizona statehouse, but it's okay because they were pounding on the windows. I know some protesters they didn't teargas, but those guys were all packing semiautomatic rifles, so you can't expect cops to not just let them do whatever they want. Meanwhile, tear gas is an abortifacient. Isn't it ironic? (CNN)

Because they can:

One could go back and forth between the texts endlessly. On Thursday, Thomas wrote that "the bare existence of" 19th century bans on carrying weapons in the Western Territories "cannot overcome the overwhelming evidence of an otherwise enduring American tradition permitting public carry." On Friday, Alito wrote that the absence of laws against early-term abortion in some states "does not mean that anyone thought the States lacked the authority" to pass such laws. Where laws did exist, they weren't real; where laws didn't exist, they could have been real.

Galling. — Discourse Blog

The Supreme Court: lazy, clumsy, and malicious. Of course you knew that already, but let Adam Serwer bring the data and receipts. (The Atlantic)

The actual (non-Alito) history of abortion laws in the United States and England. — Gift link Washington Post

The Bulwark (from May) says the politics of overturning Roe are bad for Republicans. If they say so I guess. (Yes, the polling's huge, but when does that ever get people out to vote, particularly if they're completely disheartened? And we are Blanche. We are.)

The religious Right is finally getting its (extraordinarily unpopular) day. They're not going to be subtle. (Jonathan Chait at New York mag)

Off-duty cop who punched a (Black, female) Rhode Island state Senate candidate in the face at an abortion rights rally is no longer running for state Senate himself. Also he is under arrest and being investigated because cancel culture probably. — Talking Points Memo

Renee Bracey Sherman, what do we do now? (We Are the Meteor) Melissa Ryan, what do we do now? (Medium)

I have nothing happy and flighty and silly to end these tabs with today, but we're all here together. I love you. Have some little girls and bubble guns and a tea party, for a treat.

Donna Rose and Tallulah tea party

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