Furious Kenyan Tribesman Demand Apology From Hillary

It all started with a simple photograph of Barack Obama, dressed up like a Somali tribesman in Africa. Somebody helpfully e-mailed the photo to the Drudge Report with this message: "Wouldn't we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton]?" Matt Drudge quickly put the goofy photograph on top of his website and blamed Hillary's campaign for trying to get Matt Drudge to put the picture on his website. And somewhere, Barack Obama made his "I am embarrassed for you face" and gently shook his head, with dignity.

And that's why Kenyan tribesmen are crazy with hate about what Hillary did to their dignity!

Tribal elders are still fuming over the appearance of the picture. They want an apology from the U.S. Government, which of course publishes the Drudge Report, and they also want Hillary to "clear her name," or there will be riots, in Kenya.

The question remains: Why are the Clintons' famously sleazy campaign methods suddenly not working?

Hillary and Bill and their campaign managers are getting all kinds of grief these days for the racism and the dirty tricks and all the things that people like to complain about during a campaign -- but these tactics are used for a reason: They work.

George W. Bush had been anointed by his party in 1999 to be the GOP nominee in 2000, and all the big money lined up behind the chosen candidate. Then a charismatic smooth-talking "reformer" appeared -- yes, that's how we use to describe John McCain, nearly a decade ago -- and won New Hampshire. Suddenly the establishment party choice was in trouble. So Bush's campaign played as dirty as they could, ultimately winning the crucial South Carolina primary after word was spread that John McCain had himself a half-black baby with a black woman.

It mattered not a bit that the "black baby" was an Asian orphan the McCains adopted from the slums of Bangladesh. South Carolina Republican primary voters were just racist enough to pick Dubya over the alleged Maverick with the mulatto baby.

So it should've worked when Bill Clinton dismissed Barack Obama's S.C. win as meaningless, because another black politician won the Democratic primary in South Carolina 20 years earlier. But it didn't. Bill Clinton has been kept in a dog kennel ever since.

Is Barack Obama that good of a candidate, or is the Lee Atwater/Karl Rove/James Carville/Mark Penn school of campaigning no longer a viable way to rile up enough mouth-breathing imbeciles to throw an election?



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