Further Proof that Winter Sports Are Just a Dumb Idea


With Bob Ney in a state of Abramoff-induced leadership quarantine, his former post as Dumbest Congressman Ever is going begging. But we think New York congressman John Sweeney is a real up-and-comer. After news of the Abramoff plea deal forced vigorous, symbolic dollar-scrubbings from Denny Hastert on down, as well as new legislation to junk all lobbyist-financed travel junkets for Congress members, what does Rep. Sweeney do? Why, he hies off to a ski resort on his winter break for a lobbying-funded ski junket. What's more, it's a ski resort in Park City, Utah, so the graft-happy fella can't even claim to be channeling lobbying largess into his picturesque Peekskill-West Point district. And as if all that weren't symbolically damning enough, as you can see in the excerpt from the video clip thoughtfully posted by Sweeney'ss '06 opponent Kirsten Gillibrand, the terminus to the ski-lift is called "PayDay." We're guessing the one named "Kick Me Hard" was due for scheduled maintenance that weekend.

Watch How Congressman Sweeney Spends His Weekend!


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