Just when you think the Department of Defense is too busy with actually physically bombing things to worry about nutty mind-control schemes or mosquito assassins, they come out with another freaky report that gives a dark and terrifying glimpse into a future of warfare featuring insanity-inducing drugs, brain-scanning, and "distributed human-machine systems." In other words, just a day in the life of Cindy McCain, wife of the world's oldest cyborg...

Here are some of the bizarre new techmologies our friends at the Defense Intelligence Agency are cooking up:

  • "Sophisticated drugs, designed for dementia patients but also allowing troops to stay awake and alert for several days."
  • "Scanners able to read the intentions or memories of soldiers."
  • "Pharmacological landmines."
  • "The delivery of electrical pulses into a suspect's brain [which delays] their ability to lie by interfering with its neurons."
  • "Research into 'distributed human-machine systems', including robots and military hardware controlled by an operator's mind, is another particular area for optimism among researchers."

What happened to the Cuddle Party? It's so cold in here ... So cold and dark...

Future wars 'to be fought with mind drugs' [Telegraph]


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