Fuzzy Math

  • The Democratic race is all about momentum, and right now Senator Clinton has it, and next week Senator Obama will have it, and now they are going to start throwing low blows to make this whole thing a little less tedious. Also: MOMENTUM! [New York Times]
  • The Justice Department has created a system with the goofy/scary name of "N-DEx", which will save us all from the terrorists by allowing crime-fighters to access information. [Washington Post]
  • Barack Obama, the candidate of "hope" and sentiment, just cares about math and numbers now. Hillary Clinton, the candidate of boring statistics, just cares about feelings. They are both terrible frauds and hypocrites. [Politico]
  • After months of letting the press ask Hillary Clinton such difficult questions as what to call future First Spouse Bill Clinton, Barack Obama steps in and starts asking a few of his own. [New York Times]
  • A perplexing rise in Los Angeles homicides this year leaves police officials scratching their heads. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Corporations are now producing curricula and funding public school courses in order to get a jump on recruiting America's next generation of worker bees. [Wall Street Journal]

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