G. H. W. Bush's Pool Boy Hates Entire Bush Family

The angriest pool boy - WonketteWhen presented with an article in the San Francisco Gate about the pool boy for the Bush family's Kennebunkport Estate, in which said pool boy comes off as ridiculously articulate, funny, and generally more liberal than Frank Rich, well, we ought to be kind of suspicious. But then the pool boy says something like "I look at the biggest middle finger in the world all day" and we just don't care anymore. So meet James Razsa!

Razsa is a "23-year-old from rural Maine," he lives in a trailer, and he works for a large pool-cleaning company. And he's endlessly quotable!

Asked what he'd say if he actually met Bush 41 (the pater familias has just come by once, to announce that the pool looked good), Razsa becomes a lovable blue-collar Kos poster:

"What do you say? 'Thanks for School of the Americas, and Iran-Contra, and NAFTA, and shipping all those jobs overseas, and arming Saddam, and funding the Taliban?' What do you say -- 'You're a jerk?' There's nothing that can be put into a sentence that would capture the lives these people have taken, and the way of life that's been taken."

Despite his limited interaction with the family, he's learned a little bit about them.

Granted, the stakes are high at that level. Razsa recalls one day when former first lady Barbara Bush was on her way over, and it looked like there wouldn't be time to bring the pool's temperature up to her desired 82 degrees in time. The family's caretaker was in a panic, he says.

"He kept shouting, 'Barbara will go crazy! Barbara will go crazy!'" Razsa recalls. "This is the same woman who after Hurricane Katrina said (of the Houston Astrodome refugees), 'You know, they're underprivileged anyway, so this -- this is working very well for them.'"

He also met a little girl with a lemonade stand who was related, somehow, to the Walkers, who hates the Bushes. America's Ruling Families: They're just like yours!

Razsa claims he is now willing to openly talk about how much he hates his employers because pool cleaning season is just about over and he would like to not ever have to do it again. Though he does make it sounds like good experience: "If every American had to pool-boy for these people for a day, you'd have a revolution on your hands."

Ok, this guy was invented by Clifford Odets, right?

If you would like to help James get his teeth fixed, you may do so here.

The Former President's Pool Boy [SFGate]


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