Gaddafi Seeks Deal To Let Him Escape Libya, Instead of Being Hanged

Gaddafi Seeks Deal To Let Him Escape Libya, Instead of Being Hanged

  • The bloodiest, craziest, most Gaddafiest revolution of 2011 (so far) got a little closer to the end as the West's favorite dictator/basket case supposedly begged for a deal to let him and his family escape Libya alive. The rebel leadership thought about this for several seconds and then said, "Nah, dude." Let this be a lesson to dictators and despots around the world: Don't send military jet planes to bomb your own people just before asking them for a "deal." According to the Wall Street Journal, "The rebel-led governing council, based in Benghazi, in eastern Libya, rejected the invitation and said it wasn't sincere." Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is maybe thinking about sending NATO some memo or whatever, perhaps a text message. If Obama loves Ronald Reagan so much, you would think Obama might remember how the Reagan Administration bombed the hell out of Libya in 1986, just to show everybody. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Remember how your fake-liberal boyfriend Barack Obama was going to close down the international torture-prisons the United States operates all over the world, starting with the evil-ass Gitmo? Ha ha, just kidding! The Obama Administration will start military tribunal kangaroo court torture executions at Guantanamo again, because why not? (It's "Political Reality," ha ha.) [BBC News]
  • The U.S. launched another one of those weird unmanned mini-space shuttles. Nobody will say what it does, or what the last one did ... it's just cold orbiting around all the time, doing secrets. [RedOrbit]

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