Gannon Does Pax TV

gannondetector.jpgTonight, family values network Pax TV welcomes former erotic mercenary turned former journalist Jeff Gannon to some show called Lie Detector, which, if you ask us, sounds like a pretty good stepping stone to selling your plasma. How come the Bulldog can't get better gigs than this? Yes, his scandal was even less sexy than Jack Abramoff's Indian-gaming thing -- there, at least, we know who was getting screwed -- but Gannon steals the show every time he gets within thirty feet of a TV camera. Surely he deserves a starring vehicle of his own, or at least a role on Surreal Life. We know why the liberal media is shutting him down -- they're only interested in ideology and mind control, not ratings. But why the blacklisting from the conservative media too? Is there no place in Rupert Murdoch's empire for a simulated Marine who likes limited federal government, Christianity, and water sports?

Lie Detector [Pax]


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