GAO Probing Pundit Maggie Gallagher

maggie.jpgThe GAO is planning to formally investigate Maggie Gallagher's secret fling with the Department of Health and Human Services. While the clandestine hook-up was short-lived, it left the professional marriage fan $21,500 richer, and HHS has no regrets either. Still, the busybodies at the GAO are determined to pry. As we understand it, the issue at hand is this: Was the $21,500 for publicity or propaganda dispensed via Gallagher's syndicated newspaper column? (That would be bad.) Or was the $21,500 for publicity or propaganda dispensed through the HHS itself? (That would be OK.) Whatever the investigation's outcome, we're pretty sure the GAO will find Gallagher healthier, happier, less anxious, less hostile, and more sexually fulfilled than the single persons it investigates on similar charges.

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