Gas Prices & Entire Country Hit 1981 Levels

When I touch her, my hand just froze - WonketteSpeaking of Reagan, gasoline now costs more than it did during the 1981 oil crisis. We can now look forward to a terrible recession, gas lines and yet another synth-pop era.

In what other ways is life pretty much exactly the same as 1981?

* A French dude was elected president of France.

* Guess how many French people voted in this year's election? More than the 1981 record!

* Somebody named George Bush is in the White House, screwing around with Iran.

* Rupert Murdoch is buying a respected newspaper he's not supposed to buy.

* Bono makes an ass of himself on teevee.

* The Rolling Stones tour the world.

Gas prices: Worse than '81 oil shock [CNN Money]


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