Gay Blogger "satisfied with the positions" Kerry/Edwards took in Boston

byron from bor.jpgGay blogger Byron LaMasters of the Burnt Orange Report, whose attentions we've been trying to get since Monday, spoke with your guest editor this morning via Instant Messenger.

Bottom line: even though "gay" was never mentioned, the gays were happy with the convention. Although there was no ass-fucking in Boston (too busy!), the gays were "satisfied by the positions they took." Sounds dirty to me!

Byron, who is famous-for-Austin for being "on top of" of the Gay Governor rumors--was able to get one major scoop at the Convention. When the Dallas Morning News reported its list of Texas Democrats Missing in Action at the Convention...they forgot that the Former state senator and Texas Supreme Court Justice mentioned had been dead for four years, noting, "It's abundantly clear that Texas Democrats are running away from the Kerry / Edwards ticket!"

Edited transcript after the jump

Burnt Orange Report [BOR]

Convention Bloggers: You be the judge [Wonkette]

IMterview with BOR's Byron and BoiFromTroy on July 30, 2004:

boifromtroy: good morning!

ByronL82: hello

boifromtroy: do you have a few minutes to do the AIMterview for Wonkette?

ByronL82: just got out of the shower

ByronL82: lol

ByronL82: sure

ByronL82: i have to check out of my hotel in 40 minutes

ByronL82: but sure

boifromtroy: want to put some clothes on?

ByronL82: i have enough :-P

boifromtroy: so over all, what did you think of the convention?

ByronL82: good overall. The balloons could have gone down better, but Kerry

ByronL82: 's speech hit the mark

ByronL82: as did Edwards, Bill Clinton and Obama

boifromtroy: yeah...the reaction to the Constitution line...

boifromtroy: on TV it sounded like it got the largest applause

ByronL82: i thought that it was great... i was chatting with a gay friend of mine from Houston earlier in the evening who was a little disappointed with the lack of explicit reference to sexual orientation / gays and lesbians in the speeches

boifromtroy: Kerry never mentioned gay marriage...though.

ByronL82: so i think that went a long way to addressing those issues - that kerry would stand up against FMA in prime time

ByronL82: Kerry / Edwards is the most pro-gay ticket in US history

boifromtroy: there were, what 250 gay delegates? did you hang out with them?

ByronL82: i'm satisfied with the positions they took - the gay community has to do more education on the marriage issue before we can realistically expect gay marriage to be embraced by either party

ByronL82: yeah

boifromtroy: was it a good time? any gossip to report?

ByronL82: two gay friends of mine from Texas were there, including co-blogger Karl-Thomas, well three actually, since former state rep. glen maxey was ther

ByronL82: e

boifromtroy: did anyone hook up?

boifromtroy: lol

ByronL82: lol... i didn't on this trip

ByronL82: too busy

boifromtroy: bummer


boifromtroy: well since this is for wonkette...

boifromtroy: we need a fashion report


ByronL82: orange mike!

ByronL82: did you see orange mike?

ByronL82: he's got style

boifromtroy: no...who's that?

boifromtroy: dukakis?


boifromtroy: i'll take a look...

boifromtroy: oy

boifromtroy: are all bloggers so...tasteful?

ByronL82: bloggers ranged from shorts and a tshirt to coat and tie

ByronL82: it was pretty funny

boifromtroy: it seemed there was alot of blogging about blogging

ByronL82: i just went for khakis and a banana republic shirt

boifromtroy: very preppy


ByronL82: well the problem with us blogging the dem convention is that as democrats there really wasn't anyone we could have a lot of fun with

ByronL82: i mean it was fun to mess with Bob Novak last night cuz he's an asshole

boifromtroy: i had fun with democrats on wonkette!

ByronL82: yes yes

ByronL82: if i were at the GOPper thing

boifromtroy: did you see the blogger I said was a hottie?

ByronL82: who?



boifromtroy: do you think you scooped reporters on anything?

ByronL82: well my fav. post i can recall off hand was my scoop yesterday of an idiotic Dallas Morning News article

boifromtroy: what was that about?

ByronL82: they were listing MIA Texas Democrats at the convention

boifromtroy: heh!

ByronL82: and one guy they listed was a state senator that died four years ago


boifromtroy: I know you are short on time...but, one final question or two...

boifromtroy: have you ever gotten a date through yoour blog?

ByronL82: actually yeah

ByronL82: he was a republican too

boifromtroy: was he cute?

ByronL82: yeah... it was about a year ago

boifromtroy: how long were you together?

ByronL82: we were both in dallas.... i was just breaking up with my summer boyfriend

ByronL82: we just had a few dates

ByronL82: he was moving out of state

boifromtroy: would you date this guy?

boifromtroy: (link to BoiFromTroy's picture)

ByronL82: and i was moving back to Austin

ByronL82: who is that?


boifromtroy: The mayor of LA and a fabulous blogger I know

ByronL82: yeah hahn spoke at the convention


ByronL82: i liked villairgairosa hetter tho

boifromtroy:'re being evasive ;-)

ByronL82: hmm... is he gonna be rich and famous?

boifromtroy: someday

ByronL82: how rich?

ByronL82: how famous?

boifromtroy: we'll see...

boifromtroy: unless he makes a fool of himself as Wonkette this week

ByronL82: well then its a definite maybe

boifromtroy: alright

ByronL82: haha

boifromtroy: well thanks for your time...and we'll stay in touch!

ByronL82: altighty

ByronL82: whoops

ByronL82: lol

boifromtroy: have a safe flight home

ByronL82: yeah will do

ByronL82: i hope you don't distort anything too much =)

boifromtroy: If I do, you can tell everyone I slept with the TX SoS!

ByronL82: oh i'd love to

ByronL82: i heard he gets around

boifromtroy: I want pictures next time!

ByronL82: haha

ByronL82: i'll work on it

boifromtroy: uh huh

ByronL82: riiiight

boifromtroy: again...thanks and have a good trip home

boifromtroy: Hook 'Em!

ByronL82: i got some good pictures from good morning america the other day

ByronL82: they'll make you wet

ByronL82: let me show ya

ByronL82: well not really

ByronL82: just good pics of me doing an interview

ByronL82: i'll upload them real quick

boifromtroy: email me when you get home!

ByronL82: yeah i need to pack

ByronL82: i'll get online at the airport

ByronL82: later

boifromtroy: sounds dirty

ByronL82: you're dirty

boifromtroy: well i didn't just get out of the shower!

ByronL82: riiight

ByronL82 signed off at 8:48:36 AM.



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