Gay Group to Schwarzenegger Critics: Don't Go There

Arnold Schwarzenegger has said he won't apologize for calling California lawmakers "girlie men," even though some have criticized the remark as "sexist and homophobic." We're sort of with the Gov on this one. He shouldn't apologize because "girlie men" is sexist or homophobic, he should apologize because it's lame. If mid-80s SNL catchphrases are the best rhetorical weapons the GOP's most muscle-bound representative can come up with, what's next? Will Cheney dust off his Ed Grimley impersonation in time for the veep debates?

The Log Cabin Republicans are also defending the Gov's remarks -- at least against the homophobia charge. And we're not sure calling legislators "girlie men" is homophobic. Maybe if he had accused them of having a "girlie man agenda" or claimed that they recruited young boys to be girlie men. And did anyone actually think that he was saying the legislators were gay? He was saying that they were pussies. Huge difference: Ask any gay man.

Seriously, Schwarzenegger's remarks are sort of the least of the Log Cabin Republicans' worries right now, no? The whole our-party-thinks-we're-second-class-citizens probably takes priority.

Schwarzenegger stands by "girlie men" remark [The Advocate]

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