Gay Muslim Nutter Will Burn Down the Malls Unless This Filthy Pig Movie 'Babe' Is Destroyed


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You know Lucifer, right? "He was a pig god, that's all he was." And because of this, famous American video star Norman Leboon Sr. demands that the 20-year-old children's movie Babe be removed from all video stores, OR NORMAN WILL BURN DOWN THE MALLS, all of them. Also: He's gay?

We've already learned that Norman, the actual All-Powerful God, doesn't think much of Rick Warren, Barack Obama's personal pastor. But now, thanks to Wonkette Star Commenter S.Luggo, we know that Norman (or someone claiming to be the same Norman Lebbon of Philadelphia) proclaimed his Homosexuality on this Queerty comments section back in 2008:

Rick Warren 'Give it up' We gays and Lesbians WILL NOT lay down anymore!

To all in our family we MUST continue to speak out and NEVER have the Rick Warren's take our rights away!

Also, thank you, Mr. President Obama elect, if Mr. Rick Warren spoke out against woman, blacks or Jews as he does with us (gays) would he be making the Prayers for you at the White House???

Norman LeBoon SR

Philadelphila, Pa USA

Oh and here are a bunch more Norman video threats against everything, courtesy of America's Reporter of Wingnuts & Weirdos, Dave Weigel.


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