Bakersfield anti-gay Republican state senator Roy Ashburn is, of course,queer as a three-dollar bill. And he admitted it! Nice to have such honesty in the Political World of Hate Legislation, and all it took for Roy Ashburn to admit his fondness for wriggling around in another man's excrement was a) a DUI arrest with some gay buddy as a passenger, and b) everybody saying oh yeah Ashburn is so gay that he was actually at a Latin Drag Queen contest at a gay bar in Sacramento. But why is Ashburn such a gay hater when it comes to his job as a lawmaker?

Over the dozen-plus years that Ashburn has served as a Republican state senator from the cosmopolitan smog farm of Bakersfield, he has consistently voted against anything that aimed to treat homosexuals a little more like other humans.

Why? Ashburn said today in a press conference at a gay bar that he was just such a self-loathing closet case that he took out his own heavily conflicted feelings about his sham of a life on the people he loved most: gay men.

Just kidding. Ashburn said "those votes reflect how constituents in his district wanted him to vote." [CBS 5]


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