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One Million Moms Saw Lesbians On TV Again. Wanna Know Why Bigots Like Them Are REALLY So Mad?

You wanna talk about grooming? OK let's do it.

The One Million Moms — you know, that dickhead cranky troll person in Tupelo, Mississippi, named Monica Cole, who spends her days scouring the TV to see if it has a penis bulge or if somebody says "boobyknockers" — saw a commercial. And it had lesbians in it. And those lesbians had good credit.

So that was a good opportunity for Monica Cole to get on the computer and scream I OBJECT!

Joe.My.God shares the transcript of this email Monica Cole sent about the Credit Karma ad with the lesbyterians with the good credit. He notes the commercial is not on YouTube, so we should at least allow for the possibility that Cole is raging about a commercial she saw in her dream.

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Nice Time

Air Force To Help Families With Gay And Trans Kids Fly Away From States Run By A-Holes

We'll just assume the GOP Asshole Caucus will ground the entire Air Force.

The US Air Force (and also the Space Force, too) announced last month, to little notice, that it will be offering help to servicemembers and their families if they're affected by the various anti-LGBTQ laws being passed by Republican-led states. Mind you, the Air Force hasn't mentioned anything openly partisan, because that's just not done. But the service did let its members know that the USAF is there to help with medical or legal assistance if they or their kids need it because of the new laws.

The press release puts it as apolitically as humanly possible, which may be why the offer of assistance hasn't gotten much press:

Various laws and legislation are being proposed and passed in states across America that may affect LGBTQ Airmen, Guardians, and/or their LGBTQ dependents in different ways.

The Department of the Air Force has assignment, medical, legal and other resources available to support Airmen, Guardians and their families.

Probably a good idea to not name any states or specific laws, or even to say the laws are discriminatory; there's little chance, though, that servicemembers worried about the laws' effects on their families aren't plenty aware of what's going on in states where they're stationed.

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Culture Wars


Telling kids to accept themselves? Clearly gay indoctrination!

The Angry Parents of America are reaching new depths of stupid in their fight to cleanse schools and libraries of anything that might be LGBTQ propaganda, and that now appears to include children's books that promote self-acceptance without directly saying anything about teh ghey. Case in point: Children's book author and illustrator Jason Tharp was informed last week by a school principal in Delaware, Ohio, that he would not be allowed to read his book It's OK to Be a Unicorn at a scheduled school event last Thursday.

The book was the subject of complaints from local parents who believed it was gay propaganda, although there's no mention of sexuality or relationships in the picture book, which is aimed at early elementary kids, who may be polluted by its message of acceptance and support for diversity. That's pretty rich coming from a town that's clearly confused about its own identity, trying to be both Delaware and Ohio at the same time.

In addition to being told not to rea his unicorn book at the school event, Tharp says he also received an email telling him he also couldn't read another book he'd written with a message about self acceptance, It's OK to Smell Good, about a skunk who weirdly prefers nice flowers to normal nasty smells like limburger cheese and canned farts. But ... that challenges social norms!

It's like this Tharp guy is some kind of crazy "do your own thing" radical! Mr. Tharp is himself from central Ohio, but he should know damn well that this is America, where we color inside the lines and agree with everyone else like we're supposed to.

At least until someone tries to make us not spread a deadly virus, but that's different.

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National Politics

Yale Kid Asks Ted Cruz The Wrong Question About Blowing Guys To End World Hunger


A lot of folks are making something out of a question an oh-so-clever kid at Yale asked Ted Cruz this week. Cruz was there to do a live recording of his podcast, which he hosts with some idiot named Michael Knowles. And some whippersnapper named "Evan" got up to ask a question:

“Assuming it would end global hunger, would you fellate another man?” a student named Evan asked Cruz.

Evan. Can we call you "Evan," since it's our personal name, which means there's more than a 20 percent chance we won't forget your name by the end of this post?

Evan. Dear, sweet Evan. This is an inappropriate and incorrect question. Not for whatever reasons Ted Cruz didn't like the question, or that Michael Knowles didn't like the question. Knowles responded, "Like a typical leftwing undergraduate, you are engaging in consequentialist ethics." LOL, shut up you fuckin' dildo made out of human hair.

There were many laughs in the live studio audience, as Knowles said just a few too many words about how blowing guys is "flagrantly immoral." That was weird.

But it was still the wrong question.

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