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Jesus, Pennsylvania Republicans, What Freaking Year Is This

Every PA Republican voted to keep depictions of 'homosexuality' in state obscenity law.

This week, Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives decided the state should keep the word "homosexuality" in its indecency and obscenity laws. So that's a thing that happened.

Title 18, Section 5903 of the Pennsylvania criminal code makes it a crime to give or sell material containing "sexual conduct" to people under 18. And "sexual conduct" means

acts of masturbation, homosexuality, sexual intercourse, sexual bestiality or physical contact with a person's clothed or unclothed genitals, pubic area, buttocks or, if such person be a female, breast.

Yeah, it's always a good thing when homosexuality appears in the same sentence as bestiality. (And we don't want to go into a whole rabbit hole about "showing a person under 18 a movie with a boob-touching in it is a crime," but, well, we just did.)

After discovering Pennsylvania's disgusting and archaic obscenity law made it illegal for LGBTQ kids to have materials about LGBTQ people, this session, Democrats introduced bills into both chambers of the General Assembly — House Bill 1279 and Senate Bill 609, respectively — to remove it. And you already know what happened next!

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State/Local Politics

Tennessee Governor Just Straight Up Declaring War On Trans People

Three bills in one week!

Earlier this year, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee was on quite a roll with some of the worst anti-abortion laws we've seen, including one that would allow rapists to sue their victims in order to force them to have their child and another for forced abortion funerals. For the last week, however, he took a break from all of that and set his sights on the trans community, signing three new shit-stirring bills targeting them.

The first two were bathroom bills, because of course they were. People like Bill Lee are historically very concerned about restricting access to bathroom facilities and/or making the use of public restrooms as uncomfortable and humiliating as humanly possible for those they dislike.

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Montana GOP AG Still Wants To Pin ‘Sex Offender’ Label On Man Jailed For Gay Sex

Now, that’s gross indecency!

Randall Menges has had to live as a registered sex offender for more than 20 years. The status has cost him jobs and friendships. He's even considered suicide. You're probably tempted to assume Menges deserves his fate. After all, sex offenders are terrible people who exploit minors and sometimes willingly associate with Matt Gaetz. However, Menges's situation is more complicated.

In 1993, when he was 18, Menges had consensual sex with two other teenage boys at a camp in Idaho. It was like that one time at band camp, and the gayness was apparently the only “crime."

From the New York Times:

In 1993, Mr. Menges was living in a foster program at a ranch in Gem County and stayed on as an employee when he turned 18. Two months later, the police learned that he had had sex with two other teenagers, both 16, at the ranch. The age of consent in the state was 16.

State prosecutors charged Menges with "crimes against nature," an over-the-top term for engaging in sodomy and oral sex. The Supreme Court ruled sodomy laws unconstitutional in 2003, but Menges was sentenced to seven years in prison. Once he was released, he was placed on the sex offender registry in Idaho and Montana, where he eventually moved.

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fox news

Might Be A Good Time To Remind Y'all Of That Time Tucker Carlson Beat Up A Gay Dude In The Bathroom

No reason, just might be pertinent in the coming days.

OK, the other night, at the end of his big show about how Derek Chauvin's conviction was the end of civilization, Tucker Carlson had this super-weird moment where he seemed like he was nervously trying to take control of a news story about him that hasn't yet come out.

He said he had spent the day hearing from old college classmates because a "mentally unbalanced middle aged man," Erik Wemple of the Washington Post, who works for Jeff Bezos, had pulled out his "dusty college yearbook" and was looking into whether he had done something "naughty at the age of 19."

"That sounds like fun," Tucker added. "Let us know if you hear any good stories!"

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