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​Relax, Gays. Eric Trump Is Not One Of Us. (We Don't Think.)

Did Eric Trump come out of the closet on 'Fox & Friends' or is he just a dumbass who is bad at talking?

A dumb thing happened on "Fox & Friends" this morning. (Evergreen statement.)

Eric Trump was talking about that stupid damn Bret Stephens op-ed in the New York Times, where Stephens came out as a lesbian named Chris who is voting for Donald Trump.

Wait, that is not it. The Wonkette factcheckers have just informed us that if we had read the Bret Stephens op-ed for ourselves, we would know that Bret Stephens did not come out as a lesbian named Chris, he merely wrote a profile of some idiot Manhattan lesbian named Chris, who is voting for Trump. If she is real, and if her quotes are real, she's a REAL moron.

We have informed the Wonkette factcheckers that we are not reading a full Bret Stephens column and you can't make us, BITE ME.

Anyway, Eric Trump was talking about the Bret Stephens op-ed with the "Fox & Friends" idiot couch, and it sorta sounded like he came out of the closet, which sent no thrills up any gays' legs anywhere in the world, except for maybe that sad "Judd Deere" idiot in the White House. He's pretty pathetic.

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The Federalist Has An Argument About 'Cuties' And Gay 'Grooming', Stop Laughing, It's TERRIBLE.

If you could get your child victims pregnant, it would be ... better? Oh, The Federalist, nooooo.

In what appears to be The Federalist's 85,000th screed about the movie Cuties and why it is bad from someone who definitely has not seen it, writer Matthew Cochran argues that it is a good thing to be "disgusted" by Cuties and that it is important to for parents to "help children understand what is and what is not disgusting."

According to Cochran, degenerate liberals are pushing movies like Cuties — a movie that criticizes the sexualization of young girls — in hopes of normalizing pedophilia, a thing he is very sure we are all trying to do.

Yes, really:

Our kids are being exposed to a constant diet of perversion while parents become increasingly afraid of being seen as pearl-clutching bigots. So parents often fail to do anything about it.

Pedophilia is merely the next big push from this same movement. As such, we should recognize what's next when we start seeing euphemisms like "minor-attracted persons," "child sexuality," and "intergenerational intimacy" being thrown around. We should know where normalization leads. The stigma against molesting children doesn't need to be softened.

Literally no one is doing this. No one wants to "soften" the stigma against molesting children or abusing them in any other way. But the Right doesn't have much of anything going on anymore, ideology-wise, so they're trying to do this whole "We don't like child molestation, and if you're against us then obviously you're for that!" thing. Curious, coming from the party that voted for a man who bragged about spying on teen girls undressing during the Miss Teen USA pageant and also tried to elect Roy Moore, a man banned from the mall for hitting on teen girls. Or that voted for Jim Jordan, who simply refused to cooperate with an investigation into accusations of sexual abuse against the physician for his Ohio State University wrestling team? Or whose President enlisted the help of a man who attempted to transport hundreds of images of child pornography?

I could go on. And for a very long time.

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​Trump Will Save Country Christian Kroger Ladies From Wearing Mandatory Buttsex Rainbows On Their Bosoms!

Or something like that!

During the Obama administration, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) did nice things like fight in court for the notion that yes, Title IX prohibits gender discrimination, therefore it prohibits discrimination against transgender people, hello, "gender" is right there in the word, you dipwads. They fought for the notion that discrimination against LGBT people was, again, gender discrimination. The Supreme Court (with NEIL GORSUCH!) ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits workplace discrimination, but in so many ways, the Trump adminstration has stomped on the rights of LGBTQ people across America, often in the name of RELIGIOUS FREEEEEEEEDOM!

Well, they're at it again. And this time, they're doing it dumber than ever.

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Is 'Saying Their Name' Some Sort Of Witchy Voodoo Hoodoo? Wingnut Says Yes!

And he's very sad you're laughing at him because of it.

One of the things that has truly been most perplexing over the past few years, to me at least, has been people on the Right getting super worked up over people on the Left supposedly being "mean" to them. Oh how they've wailed about being called Nazis, how they've cried over how unfair it is that we think they're bad people for simply having a difference of opinion. Like "purple is the best color" or "trans people shouldn't be allowed to go to the bathroom in public" or "I like pudding" or "poor people don't deserve health care" or "all of these opinions should be equally reflective of my personal character." They've lamented that they can't share their sexist or racist opinions on social media without being called a sexist or a racist. They're deeply offended by people being offended when they say offensive things.

I've never been quite able to determine whether they're so stupid that they don't realize they're insulting people and that the modern day Right has been built, pretty much exclusively, on insulting people in various ways and that people are simply reacting to those insults, or if they just think we're so stupid that we don't realize they are insulting us. I'm inclined to go with the latter, because really, for many years many Democrats did go along and pretend there was some kind of difference between Rush Limbaugh and your regular, everyday conservative who listens to Rush Limbaugh religiously and agrees with him on everything but might be pleasant to them at the neighborhood barbecue.

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