We're just going to warn you now: There's not a whole hellalot of news today (it's August in D.C., after all), but what news there is is very, very gay. Sure, the most recent spin on McGreevey is that his being gay wasn't the problem, his being crooked like a sidewalk crack was. We'd like to point out that New Jersey almost never has a problem with politicians being crooked. What's more, we wouldn't be having this discussion if he'd hired his pretty young lady friend to be New Jersey's terrorism czar. . . because he never would have gotten away with hiring a woman for that job in the first place.

But McGreevey is just one man. The true orgy of gay news is in California, where people are pretending to be shocked that the state Supreme Court voided Gavin Newsome's adorable attempt to make San Francisco even more of a fantasy land than it already is. On top of this pile of writhing human flash we add the news that GOP strategist Grover Norquist is getting married. Oh, sorry. That has nothing to do with anyone being gay at all, does it? But this does: As reported by the Quad City News, "12:23 p.m.: Bush blows kisses to spectators and to NBC reporter David Gregory." Not that there's anything wrong with that.



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