Gaymarriage Belles: Dan and Me

It's rare that we get accused of being subtle, but it looks like our little shoutout to "D.S." in Tuesday's post did not catch the attention of the many, many, many well-wishers who have written to inform us about our own hypothetical marriage proposal from Dan Savage. We hypothetically say yes! If only I were single and he were straight. . . and not a father. . . and not married (or should that be "gaymarried"?) himself. (Talk about your threats to homeland security! He's like the homo dirty-bomb!) Really, though, we're humbled and honored. Usually when we say, "Not in this lifetime," it's just a longer way of saying "no." But this time we really mean it: Maybe if we talk about ass-fucking enough this time around, God will bring us back as a gay.

Admit It Already (last item) [The Stranger]


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