Gays: Good for One Thing

Nicholas Kristof tackles the question that the Bush administration wouldn't dare ask: "Why are there so many gays?"

We think the answer is obvious: If there were no gays, what would John Derbyshire do for a living? But, according to Kristof, the question is more evolutionary than occupational. Yet that doesn't mean the answers are not, at heart, about hot gay sex. For instance, how do gays wind up passing their genes on? They're so randy they'll screw anything that moves:

[G]ays have unusually strong sex drives, and that while most of this energy has been wasted on nonreproductive flings, enough goes toward male-female pairings that the genes are passed on.

That theory, however, has been "discounted." Kristof then posits a more "subtle" theory: Gay genes stay in the genetic pool because gays give good head. This is based on hot gay monkey sex, so we like it even more:

Bonobos curry favor by performing oral sex on other [presumably "straight" bonobos] of the same gender, even though they also seize every opportunity to mate with those of the opposite sex.

Huh-huh, he said "bonobo."

Lovers Under the Skin [New York Times]


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