Gays To Finally Boycott Mormons

  • Foreclosures in October hit 85,000, a 25% increase over the same month last year. [CNN Money]
  • At the Republican Governors Association meeting, attendees agreed they had to come up with a new message, attract a larger demographic of voters, and be competitive in more regions. They also agreed the next president of the United States would be Sarah Palin, so take all of this with a grain of salt. [Washington Post]
  • A crowd of perhaps 10,000 (according to organizers) protested in favor of gay marriage outside a Mormon temple in New York. [AP]
  • George Bush will ask the Group of 20 not to give up on market capitalism, after all it's done for them. [Bloomberg]
  • A crazy old lady in Evanston, Illinois kept the decomposing bodies of her three siblings in her house for several decades, because why not. [Pioneer Press]
  • Hank Paulson said ... some stuff about the bailout ... "the markets" did not like it. [New York Times]

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