Gays Wrecking Everything: Part Eleventy-Billion In a Series


Ohai gays! You certainly have everybody everywhere talking about you, what with the gay gay gay cases at the Supreme Court. So much delicious attention! Who DOESN'T love having their civil rights debated on the national stage? Lucky! The discussions, though, have been a little...flat. Oral arguments didn't actually feature Scalia or Alito or Scalito, the Voltron of Italian anger, threatening to crush the gays or anything, though the odds of that were 50-50 really.

Never fear, though. Washington Times columnist Jeffrey Kuhner has got your back with a spectacularly vicious bit of bloodthirsty gay-hatin' complete with long blocks of incoherent text AND weird late posting as the column was clearly written pre-Supremes AND some ooga-booga-ing about judges wrecking 'Merica or something.

Democracy is being subordinated to judicial imperialism. The right of self-government is being supplanted by the rule of unelected and unaccountable elites. It is liberal fascism masquerading as judicial review. Wearing black robes does not give judges the justification to repeal an election. Judges are becoming modern-day fascists, unilaterally wielding state power to trample on legislative prerogatives, democratic freedoms and basic social institutions. We are slowly ceding power not to a single dictator, but to a gang of legal oligarchs — ideological leftist activists who are legislating from the bench. If five Supreme Court justices can reverse Proposition 8, then popular elections will be rendered meaningless.

There, there homosexuals. Didn't you enjoy the spittle-flecked bath you just got from that? Refreshing! I bet you are also surprised that you are apparently puppetmaster of judges everywhere and are making them impose your liebrul agenda throughout the land. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, GAYS? Apparently ruling everyone isn't enough for homosesssicans. They also have to make everyone do sodomy all the time:

Homosexual behavior — for example, sodomy — is unnatural and immoral. This is why it has been historically considered a grave sin in Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Even deists, such as Thomas Jefferson, believed sodomy so violated public morality that those who practiced it should be castrated.

Guess what, you repressed little ball of hate: much like they dig birth control, most people actually kinda dig sodomy. Most people do not hate getting head and do not spend their time thinking about how to prevent other people from getting head. But hey, to each their own unless they are filthy homosexuals, in which case fuck off:

Marriage is not a right; rather, it is a solemn responsibility and distinct privilege that has been accorded a sacred status because of its overwhelming societal importance. It’s not some kind of a public club open to everyone. Liberal logic on the issue inevitably paves the way for moral anarchy and social disintegration. If marriage is a civil right, then anyone — including polygamists, bigamists and pedophiles — will demand that they be allowed to form unions.

Uhhhh...marriage actually IS a right, at least in these here United States, which is why the gays are all het up (SEE WHAT WE DID THERE!) about getting to partake in that right. But you just keep telling yourself that every time your daughter gets knocked up by a roofer passing through town and then marries the dude at gunpoint that you are participating in a sacred right of solemn solemnness, or something, and you should make sure the gays never get to do it.

[Washington Times]


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