Gender Ambiguity And A Whole Lot More This Weekend

Gender Ambiguity And A Whole Lot More This Weekend

Tonight through Saturday, October 10: Messing with gender is a surefire way to make a play successful, or at least more interesting. The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop gives you ALL-GIRL Shakespeare in their rendition of Measure for Measure. And what better to have an all-female cast in one of Shakespeare's most sexually-charged plays. [Capitol Hill Arts Workshop]

  • Tonight through Sunday, October 18: It's the clash of Midwestern conservatives vs. liberal coasties in the play The Quality Of Life, only they don't squabble over politics but rather over love, which is not nearly as much fun. [Arena Stage]
  • Saturday, September 19 through Sunday, September 20: Whatever your feelings may be about ballet, you can never go wrong with free ballet. The Suzanne Farrell Ballet is setting out on a cross country tour, but before leaving they will perform 2 FREE shows at the Kennedy Center this weekend. [Kennedy Center]
  • Wednesday, September 23 through Monday, October 12: Other countries make films, and these films are often much better than the stupid romantic comedies that we produce. Check out the Latin American Film Festival at AFI to see more than 30 films from Latin America as well as Spain and Portugal (the title does not quiet encompass the scope of the films being screened at the Festival). [AFI]
  • Get your tickets now: Cate Blanchett is a pretty Australian actress and she will be HERE in DC to perform in A Streetcar Named Desire starting October 29 at the Kennedy Center. She is a pretty Australian actress, so tickets will sell out fast. Get them now if you want to go. [Kennedy Center]

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