General Hannity Rallies the Troops

hanniwave.jpgThanks to the predictable liberal media blackout, we didn't learn about the Media Research Center's 2005 DisHonors Awards, which took place a couple weeks ago, until yesterday. But we're glad we did, because finally, at last, we've found someone else who understands that more than the Redcoats, more than slavery and the Civil War, more than Hitler and Stalin and Kruschev and Osama Bin Laden, Hillary Clinton threatens our nation. Here is featured guest, Sean Hannity, entertaining the crowd with his singular brand of obsequious schmooze and scary obsession with the Great Satan. Honestly, it's like Jay Leno and Saddam Hussein had a baby. The following excerpt gives you a taste, but for the full effect, go watch the video.

HANNITY: I want to say something here, one itty-bitty serious note...Because of people like all of you, Brent Bozell, and I see my friend Neal Boortz, and I see my friend Cal Thomas, and all my friends that are here, we are changing the world for the better. We are confronting evil and we are defeating it. We are creating economic prosperity. And all I can say is three and a half years from now, we have a mission. And I just want to warn everbody now: It is going to take a united effort the likes of which we have never had before. She....She is running and we will pust aside our superfluous, petty, insignificant differences and we will unite and we will defeat her, I promise you.

Sean Hannity's Opening Remarks [Media Research Council]


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