Generic Democrats Heading For Generic Doom

Generic Democrats Heading For Generic Doom

  • The latest Gallup poll is out and it is ... not very good, if you like the Democratic Party in charge of the nation's legislature! On the "generic ballot," Republicans are now 10 points ahead of Democrats. To find a polling gap that large, you'd have to go back to ... oh, never. There's never been one that big. But don't worry: your Internet boyfriend Nate Silver, now working for the elitist New York Times, says that in all likelihood it's just a statistical blip, and really the Democrats are only like five points behind. [WP/538]
  • But at least Democrats are doing OK among people who don't think about politics very much. [Fox]
  • And after all, people don't vote for generic parties, they vote for candidates, and sometimes Republican candidates in practice aren't as popular! Take actual crazy person Sharron Angle: she isn't ten points ahead of longtime Democratic leader Harry Reid. Why, she's actually a full point behind him! The Post explains how she can still win, though. [WP]
  • President Obama is ordering a "full-scale attack" on the factors holding back the economy, possibly involving flying death-robots. [Fox]

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