Genius Of History David Barton Claims Founding Fathers Were Awesomest At Guns


Serial fact-molesterDavid Barton has opened his fool mouth and allowed utter bullshit to fall out again, which we suppose means it's Tuesday. Barton, the genius who believes that many parts of the Constitution are "direct quotations" from the Bible, said yesterday on his dumb radio show that if everybody carried guns all the time, we'd stop being afraid of guns because we'd be familiar with them. Also, nobody would have gun accidents anymore, again because we'd all be very familiar with our guns. As proof, he says that gun accidents were very rare during the America's early era, again, because Americans just become better people with guns and Bibles at hand. Sure! Why not?

Right Wing Watch has the skinny:

Explaining that he began teaching his own kids how to use guns at the age of four, Barton said that people only want to get rid of guns because they are afraid of them, which can be attributed to the fact that they don't know how to use them.

As such, if everyone had a gun and was taught how to use it from childhood, there would never be any firearm incidents or accidents, just like during the founding era:

That's what these guys do not see and do not look at; they're just flat scared of guns. And the solution to that is exactly what the Founding Fathers said and that is you start teaching kids to use guns when they're very young because gun accidents are caused by non-familiarity with guns; once you're familiar with them, you don't have accidents with them.

I have searched and in the founding era I think I've only ever found two gun accidents and everybody was hauling guns back then; you took your guns to church, you were required by state law in some states to take your guns to church. We didn't have accidents because everyone was familiar with how to use them. It's not being familiar that makes is dangerous.

See! Back in the good old days, when we all had guns, no one did anything stupid, ever! No Colonial father ever shot his son dead while getting in the pickup outside the gun store, either! And familiarity with guns means that no one would ever be accidentally shot by a gun store employee, either.

While we have no reason to believe that David Barton ever says anything that is true (this man lies when he's completely silent), we will concede the possibility, however, that shooting accidents were relatively rare when people used weapons that took a minute and a half to load and fire.

(Oh, hey, so that's where "going off half-cocked" and "a flash in the pan" come from!)

[RightWingWatch / YouTube]

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