George Allen: Bad for Bicyclists, Bad for Virginia

Another victim of George Allen - WonketteThe Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee made sure we knew all about today's George Allen story in the Post the second it showed up on the website. They even provided a handy summary/checklist of just what, precisely, we should all get very outraged and offended about:

The Washington Post is set to run a blockbuster on George Allen in Thursday's paper that details new incidents of racial insensitivity from his past. A link to the full story is below:

Allen Responsible For "Kill Whitey" Graffiti Before a Game With Majority-Black School.[...]

Allen Supported Segregationist Candidate.[...]

Allen Allegedly Stole Someone's Bike In High School.

If that last bit doesn't sink his campaign, nothing will.

An Ascent Shadowed By Questions on Race [WP]


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