George Allen Photo of the Day

allenomg.jpg"You two are just Wayans brothers in hilarious makeup, right?" [Photo: AP]

According to the Washington Post, the divisive Virginia Senate race all comes down to women. It turns out these "women" may make up almost half of the electorate! While this initially seems like bad news for Jim "No Girls Allowed" Webb, the Post does helpfully illustrate in this photo that some of these "women" are also "black." Not that Senator George Allen has a problem with black people! No, as this anonymous and unverified tip illustrates, the good Senator loves his melanin-blessed brothers and sisters:

While speaking with a fellow congregant at our church's fellowship hour yesterday, he passed along a rather interesting tidbit. It seems he is friends with a woman who does fundraising for several nonpartisan nonprofits in the area. At one event she was seated next to Allen's wife who was sharing an anecdote about their Black Labrador who was named...."Sambo!" Unknown whether this is their current dog or a past companion animal, but I thought you nice people should be apprised of this darling doggie moniker.

To be fair, Webb's dog is named "Bitches Stay Outta My Navy."

Women's Vote Could Tip Close Contest [WP]


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