George Allen's Ethnic Rally, Day Two

Some of my recent acquaintances are Ethnics ... - WonketteA whole day has passed since we pointed out George "Macaca" Allen's weirdly antiquated and vaguely racist "Ethnic Rally" photo album on his campaign website, yet nobody in the Allen camp has bothered to change the bizarre title.

More racialist shenanigans, tomfoolery and hi-jinks, after the jump ....

Today, liberal blog-stars such as Josh Marshall and Atrios are prominently flogging Allen for his latest campaign poetry. Instead of removing the comically offensive "Ethnic Rally," the Allen website has updated the old graphic with video of the ethnics doing their rallying.

We can only assume this is because Sen. Macaca is now totally embracing all sorts of archaic racialist terminology. Future campaign events will reportedly include a Darkie Promenade with the latest Race Music, next week's Pickaninny Jamboree and Rube Cotillion, the Chinaman's Cookout and Opium Fair, a Dago Spaghetti Feed with a rousing game of Pin the Tail on the Golliwog, the Old Virginny Minstrels and Their Buffalo Gal Chorus Line, and the Squareheads' Barn Dance featuring the Commonwealth Championship Jewboy Sack Races.

Watch Sen. Allen's Ethnic Rally []

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