George and Nouri: Friends For Life, However Short That May Turn Out to Be

Once every two weeks, George W. Bush and soon-to-be-disappeared Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki chat on the phone about life, love, God, and their shared hatred for democracy. Bush and Maliki get along because they both believe in God, though not the same God, which both are polite enough to not mention.

Also, both are more or less hated by their people, and also fairly incompetent at leading. Though Maliki is almost certainly smarter than Bush, neither know what the hell to do about Iraq.

"I look to see whether or not he has courage to make the difficult decisions necessary to achieve peace," Bush says of his Iraqi countepart and occasionally ill-behaved puppet. "I'm looking to see whether or not he has got the capacity to reach out and help unify this country."

With the news this morning that the largest Sunni contingent in the government is threatening to quit the coalition, one wonders how long Bush plans on looking before he sends in the CIA to take care of things.

Bush and Iraqi: Frequent Talks, Limited Results [NYT]

Sunni Bloc Threatens to Quit Iraqi Government [AP via NYT]


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