George Bush Sr. Checks Out Skull & Bones Before Dying

are there spambots in this tomb?A former president stopped by his old alma mater to pick up an alumni award. This is the kind of thing George H.W. Bush does all the time, we assume, so what happened in New Haven over the weekend that was of any note? IvyGate has a hunch that George H.W. Bush, Bonesman 4life, was the guest of honor at a Skull and Bones dinner (or something), his first such event since 1998.

I didn't go to Yale and I was never in a secret society, so I don't know what whacky shit goes on at these things. However, having paid elite-level tuition for a second tier education alongside wannabe secret society deebags, I feel as though I still have some insight to offer on the subject.

If you're a former president, a sort of distinguished senior statesmen even, thanks to your son who has so thoroughly lowered the bar for that title, you can probably only relive your crazy college secret society opiate-fueled hooker binges like once a decade, tops, even if you could really use the release more like every five years or so. It's just too much killing to have on your hands. Anyway, someone check the New Haven police blotter to see if the bodies of any young women have turned up in ditches or dumpsters or what have you. Think these guys would be cleverer about getting rid of a hooker's body? Not likely.

George H. W. Bush: One Last Bonesman Bash? [IvyGate]

--Greg "Man of the People" Wasserstrom

Disclaimer: Jim Newell, a former editor and current contributing editor for IvyGate, doesn't give a fuck about this and therefore had nothing to do with its posting. Anyway, now that Greg has written this, Jim can go untie him now.


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