George Bush Steals Oxygen From Old People

George W. Bush is so callous. Not only is he having a War and all those other things we don't like about him (we've forgotten because of the election!), but now he is taking oxygen away from old people with his precious "budget cuts."

A letter from the Agriculture Department to lawmakers on March 2 suggests it may cut oxygen from Medicare from 36 months of eligibility to 13:

The Bush administration has suggested to Congress that it cut Medicare home oxygen reimbursements by $6.8 billion over 10 years to help fund the annual Farm Bill

As House Agricultural Committee Chair Collin Peterson notes, us critics would say this, almost exactly:

"Some of our critics would probably have a field day if we are taking payments away from people on oxygen and they would say we are giving it to wealthy farmers, probably," Peterson said.

No, we are saying you would take life from old humans and give it to wealthy Hollywood Jews. But you're on the right track.

Like Taking Air From Fogies [Reason]


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