George Bush, the Ghost Whisperer

Amy Carter used one to talk to Lincoln in the Lincoln Bedroom. Really! - WonketteAt his press conference with Tony Blair today, Bush again revealed his deep spirituality -- spiritualism, actually -- when he proved to reporters how much he knows about how much Iraq sucks:

Make no mistake about it, I understand how tough it is -- I talk to families who died.
So many mysteries here. No American families have died in Iraq, thanks to tough military recruitment standards that prevent entire families from enlisting, but it's reasonable to assume entire families are among the 600,000+ Iraqis killed in the war. Are there entire dead Iraq families that speak English, or does Bush secretly speak Arabic, or does the Ouija board have live Babelfish translation or what?

Anyway, things are looking up because Bush just turned on the White House Xmas Tree lights without killing anybody or blowing up something or losing another election for his party.

President Bush Meets with British Prime Minister Tony Blair [White House]


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