George Clooney a Commie?

joe.jpgIt's been only two days since George Clooney was offered the lead in the film adaptation of GI Joe, and it's already mired on controversy. Variety's Wilshire & Washington blogger Ted Johnson reports: "I love it when controversies erupt over movies still in production or pre-production. You can almost always guarantee that those outraged haven't seen the script, an outline, or even know any of those involved. And you can almost always be sure that the furor is much ado about nothing. Example: "The Da Vinci Code.

"Such is the case with Glenn Beck, Headline News' poor man's version of Bill O'Reilly, who believes that the upcoming Paramount movie "G.I. Joe" is "trying to indoctrinate our kids into hating their own country, turning us into some one-world government nightmare; hating America, turning it into a dirty word," according to Media Matters for America. He referred to the producers of the movie as "butchers" (and they haven't even gone into the editing room).

G.I. Joe, Anti-American? [Variety]


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