George HW Bush Died, So That Is... Well It Is News That Happened.

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George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States, died last night at the age of 94.

Already, lots of people are going around saying "Oh boy, now that was a President who was CIVIL!"

Because people like politeness and are a lot more OK with people doing terrible things so long as they are polite about it. If they're polite about it, it makes it a lot easier to ignore and go about your daily life pretending everything is fine. People don't miss "civility," they miss the ability to easily pretend all the bad stuff isn't actually happening.

It is weird to have to write an obituary post for someone I did not particularly care for and whom I firmly voted against in my 2nd grade mock election, especially given that I am a lady with good manners who feels weird speaking ill of the dead. I guess I'm supposed to find a nice, not terrible thing he did. My guess is that this wouldn't be the notoriously racist Willie Horton ad that helped him with the 1988 election.

Willie Horton 1988 Attack Ad

Or Dan Quayle. Or Clarence Thomas. Or the Iran Contra. Or his opposition to the Civil Rights Act. Or that time he vomited on the Prime Minister of Japan.

I guess I could mention that he supported Planned Parenthood until the Christian Right told him he couldn't do that anymore? Or this thing where he resigned from the NRA following their response to the Oklahoma City bombings? That was a decent thing. He wasn't in office when it happened, but it was decent.

I guess I could note that he was very fond of whimsical socks?

As Rebecca noted on Twitter, he wasn't as bad as his son or Donald Trump.

And really... what else can be said?


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