George H.W. Bush, Live On Stage In Los Angeles!

The Godfather - WonketteWonkette has a West Coast Bureau so we can read blogs about things that happened in LA last night just two miles from the West Coast Bureau. For example, Poppy Bush spoke Monday evening at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion downtown. The dude is like the Energizer Bunny of the New World Order -- on Sunday he collapsed on a Palm Springs golf course, and on Monday he was telling lies and jokes to Republican loyalists.

Learn how to see former world leaders for half price or less, after the jump.

Raymond Weber writes a blog called Economic Policy Monitor and lives in a downtown LA loft. He took an evening stroll around the Gehry Concert Hall last night and saw anti-war protesters outside the Chandler auditorium. Poppy Bush was in the house and the hippies were furious!

They held signs: Henry Kissinger War Criminal, Impeach Bush, Reveal the Truth About 9-11 .... I decided to sit outside at one of the open air tables to take in the scene. A ticket scalper approached me. Who knew scalpers existed for speeches by former Presidents?

"Is Bush here for his speech?", I asked. The scalper said yes. Judging by the crowd they certainly believed the former president was about to speak.

We negotiated a price. I paid $20 for a $50 face value ticket to see and hear the former president speak.

Scalpers for ex-president speeches!

Poppy ambled onstage dragging a walking cane behind him (wtf?) and told jokes and name-checked "Jimmy" Baker a few hundred times. Then the inevitable hecklers started hollering about how Dubya is an amoral killer, etc., and Bush 41 got all pissed off and threatened to kill the protesters with his cane.

Also, about the Palm Springs fainting incident: Poppy was surrounded by "six beautiful women in the house" as a man gave him mouth-to-mouth.

George H. W. Bush On Stage [Economic Policy Monitor]


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