George Soros Buys 2 Million Shares of Halliburton

Nothing says "Bomb Iran" like markets wizard George Soros plunking down $62 million for a nice chunk of Halliburton stock.

The beloved liberal moneybags made the purchase at the end of last year, according to secret public documents revealed by Foreign Policy's blog. Sure, that's chump change for the super-billionaire Soros, but the dude didn't become a super-billionaire by pissing his money away ... except for the Kerry campaign, which is pretty much the legal definition of "pissing your money away." (Soros bought HAL at $31.30, so he already lost about $2 million on the deal.)

What does Soros know, and when did he start to know it? Note to our friends in Iran: This is an awesome time to take a trip abroad. Come to LA! You'll find things remarkably inexpensive due to our worthless U.S. dollar. And the White House hasn't destroyed an American city since New Orleans, so .... Actually, Europe is super great this time of year.

Soros buys Halliburton [Foreign Policy]


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