George W. Bush Shocker: Not Retarded?!

Satanist Yalie scum .... - WonketteFor seven long and terrible years, a majority of Americans have smugly believed Dubya is a retard. In fact, it is Americans -- all of them -- who are so very dumb. Whether it's conservatives believing he's a conservative or liberals believing he's a Texan, GWB has successfully duped everybody about everything while the power and personal wealth of his administration has skyrocketed. Here are some examples:

* Every single liberal thinks it's the wittiest thing in the world to demean Bush 43 as a "cowboy" or "Texan," when it is very well documented that he's a New England Ivy League ultra-rich Massachusetts preppie who was literally born at Yale.

* Bill Clinton nearly lost the nomination over his past indiscretions, while GWB simply refused to answer any questions about being a cocaine addict.

* Bush is constantly attacked for ruining the economy and bringing the federal deficit to all-time outrageous historical highs. That's true, but it's your economy he wrecked. His financial condition is better than ever, while the financial condition of his inner circle is through the roof.

5 Reasons George W. Bush Isn't As Stupid As You Think [Cracked]


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